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Writing for Diamonds: Angel Story


Write a story about an angel in your life. 
Include reasons as to why they are important to you.
Any type of story will be appreciated. For example, it may be humorous and emotional.  

League of Angels Forum Event Angel Story


Simply reply in the forum post to submit your entry.
Only entries over 150 words will be accepted.
Each entry must also include a picture. The picture should be related to the story. Any picture deemed inappropriate will be disqualified, possibly resulting in a ban. 
Be sure to leave your IGN.

The event will last until the end of closed beta.


Everyday during the event, the 5 most interesting submissions will be featured and awarded 1000 Diamonds; 25 runner ups will also be chosen to be awarded 300. 

Additionally, another 30 will be chosen and awarded 100 Diamonds.

League of Angels Angel Story