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Best Chance to Get Angel Alecta!


We are happy to announce that Angel Alecta, Mikaele and Victoriana's Level cap will be raised to Level 80 after next week's update. If you have already unlocked Victoriana, here is a chance for you to get Alecta's Icon. Find the details below.


Duration: June 11 to 17 (server time)

Server: S1 to S292

Description: Top 10 cross-server tournament will be rewarded Diamond Crest, Platinum Crest or Gold Crest, which can be used to swap for Victoriana's Icon. If you have already activated Angel Victoriana, you can choose to swap them for Royal's Mark. 2500 Royal Marks can be exchanged into Alecta's Icon in the Cross-server Shop.



Diamond Crest x1

Swap for Royal's Mark x600

Platinum Crest x1

Swap for Royal's Mark x400

Gold Crest x1

Swap for Royal's Mark x100


The 4th Cross-server tournament are ongoing from June 11 to 15 (server time). Click here for details.