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CS Resource Tycoon: Compete for Windance Unicorn


Salute warriors!

While it’s fun to spend time outdoors, summer days can get dangerously hot and humid, and for many around the world, summer also brings the rainy season so we often find ourselves indoors whether we like it or not. So how are we going to spend the downtime?
Keep calm.

League of Angels brings you the Cross-server Resource Tycoon, where you can get Magic Mount Soul and Blessed Stone to gain double points! And the powerful Windance Unicorn belongs to the real tycoon!

If you are determined to be a real tycoon, don't forget to check out Wheel of Luck, Beach Treasure and Event Bonus. Because they have all the resources covered.

Spin the wheel will possibly get Super Armament Chest(Legendary) and Mount Reins!

If you want to play with a cute fairy, Tiny Alecta will show up in Beach Treasure! (Tip: you have more than one way to get her.)

Snow Queen is available in Lucky Tree Shop and Spirit Foliage can be gained at 50% off!

Group Tickets, Nectars, Jackpot Lotto Vouchers and more resources will be available in Event Bonus.

Please check the details below.

Resource Tycoon (Cross server)

Duration: July 21 to July 26 (server time)

Server: S1 to S1349

Description: Collect the required resources to get Windance Unicorn(the powerful new mount), Aurora, Bloody Dancer and Spellcaster to fight with you, and many other rare items!

What's new in this CS Resource Tycoon:

1.Players can gain double points by collecting Blessed Stone and Magic Mount Soul this time. And these resources can be found in Wheel of Luck.

2.Ascension Stone(which is useful in Equipment Slot Upgrade) and Lvl.7 Armament Crystal Chest are newly added in tycoon shop. If you want to makie your heroes and mounts more powerful, please  don't miss them out!

3.Reach certain points in Tycoon Daily Points and you can claim your rewards EVERY DAY. And by completing certain tasks and you can get corresponding diamonds back!

4.Check the newly added ONCE TYCOON. Players can claim EXTRA REWARDS after meeting certain requirements.

5.There will be Time-limited Resources on sale EVERY DAY during the event! Don't forget to check them out in Hot Events! You can gain more resources at a lower price than before!


- Click on the Tycoon icon on the left of the game window to open the Resource Tycoon menu.
- Players can gain points by collecting required resources during the event, i.e. Magic Mount Soul, Blessed Stone, Spirit Essence, Element Scroll, Runestone, Seraph's Stone, Aegis Shard, Soulstone, Gold, Enchanted Ore, Gems and Gem Enhancement Stone.

- Each day at 14:00 and 22:00 the point leaders will be determined and prizes will be set accordingly. Prizes include Soulstone, Blessed Stone, Vouchers, Synth Scroll, Seraph's Stone, and different levels of Common Gem Chests.
- The grand prize will be issued at the conclusion of the event.

Place (Min Pts: 190,000) 



Windance Unicorn x1, Divine Emblemx30, Supremacy Certificate x3, Golden Armament Chest x1, Lvl.7 Armament Crystal Chest x5, Lvl. 13 Cherubstone x2, and Lvl 11 MP+PATK+HIT Gem x1


Divine Emblem x30, Supremacy Certificate x2, Super Armament Chest(Mythic) x4, Lvl.7 Armament Crystal Chest x3, Lvl. 13 Cherubstone x1, and Lvl 11 HP+MATK+HIT Gem x1


Divine Emblem x20, Supremacy Certificate x2, Super Armament Chest(Mythic) x2, Lvl.7 Armament Crystal Chest x1, Lvl. 12 Cherubstone x1, and Lvl.11 Fusion Gem Chest x2


Divine Emblem x20, Supremacy Certificate x1, Super Armament Chest(Legendary) x5, Lvl.6 Armament Crystal Chest x4, Lvl. 12 Cherubstone x1, and Lvl.11 Fusion Gem Chest x1


Divine Emblem x15Supremacy Certificate x1, Super Armament Chest(Legendary) x3, Lvl.6 Armament Crystal Chest x2, Lvl. 11 Cherubstone x2, and lvl.11 Fusion Gem Chest x1

Divine Emblem x10, Supremacy Certificate x1, Armament Chest(Legendary) x1, Lvl.5 Armament Crystal Chest x4,  Lvl. 11 Cherubstone x1, and Lvl.10 Fusion Gem Ches x2


Divine Emblem x10, Tycoon Certificate x3, Lvl. 10 Cherubstone x2, and Lvl.10 Fusion Gem Chest x2
201st-500th Divine Emblem x10, Tycoon Certificate x2, Lvl. 10 Cherubstone x1, and Lvl.10 Fusion Gem Chest x1
500+ Tycoon Certificate x1, Lvl. 9 Cherubstone x3, and Lvl.9 Fusion Gem Chest x2

More details about the resource tycoon will be exposed later! Stay tuned!

Wheel of Luck 

Duration: July 21 to July 23  (server time)

Server: S1 to S1349


Spin the wheel of Luck to win Magic Mount Soul, Enchanted Ore, Blessed Stone, Super Armament Chest(Legendary), Super Armament Chest(Mythic), Mount Reins and more!

Note: Seize the chance to gain more Blessed Stone and Magic Mount Soul to win double points in resource tycoon.

And it's said that Spin Turbo Wheel gains better rewards at a lower cost than that in Wheel of Luck. Will you give it a try?

Amazon Hunter, Saintly Queen Shard and Crystal Reindeer are waiting in Store of Luck.

Beach Treasure

Duration: July 20 to July 23 (server time)

Server: S1 to S1348


Treasures are hiding behind the shells, don’t you want to get them? Open the shells, match one pair of items then you can earn them as a prize! And you can also get points by opening shells. Collect points and win mounts and many more rewards!

What's NEW here:

1.Tiny Alecta shows up for the first time! Open shells or use your points to get her, there's more than one way to take the cute fairy with you!

2.Ascension Stone(which is used to ascend Equip Slot),Knight Emblem(!0#), Awakening Stone and Lvl.7 Valuable Gem Chest  are newly added in the Manual Pick Mode. It's never too late to equip your mounts!
3.Polly Awakening Stone, Namiria Badge and more hot items are also available!

Collect as many as you can to be the real tycoon!

Besides, you have the chance to win Heavenly Blade Totem(Ruby)!

Event Bonus

Duration: July 22 to July 25 (Server Time) 

Server: S1 to S1349

Description: Every day from 12:00-22:00, you can draw prizes in the Events Bonus menu. 

Possible Prize: Rose Essence, Magic Mount Soul, Pirate Gold, Nectar, Group Ticket, God's Trial Blitz Card, Jackpot Lotto Vouchers and Soulstone.

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

More exciting events are coming up through July 21 to July 28 (server time), check them out in the in-game Hot Events menu now!