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Bug Hunter


Duration: until the end of closed beta
Description: Report to us in the forum with any valid bug you encountered, providing detailed information, and you will walk away with Diamonds for closed beta.
Simply start a new topic in the Bug Section according to the following format:

Title: give the bug a title such as "mermaid's skill doesn't work as description says"
Category: Please choose "Bug"
Severity: Please choose
             Lvl. A (Critical) – The bug causes a failure of the game or a certain system in the game
             Lvl. B (Medium) – The bug does not cause failure but causes the system to produce incorrect, incomplete, inconsistent results.
             Lvl. C (Low) - The bug is aesthetic, is an enhancement or produces a result that is non-standard, but does not affect the overall outcome of the game.

How to re-produce it:
Screenshots or Evidence if Possible:


Requirements                  Reward

Report Lvl.A Bug             Diamonds x1000

Report Lvl.B Bug             Diamonds x700

Report Lvl.C Bug             Diamonds x500

1. Please make sure the bug you report is new. If the issue has been reported by other players, we will give the reward to the fist reporter according to the post last-edit time.
2. We will review and verify all the bug reports on daily basis. If your bug is valid and new, the reward will be delivered on the next business day after you submit the bug.

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