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Cross-Server 5v5 Team Tournament Live Broadcasts!


Cross-Server 5v5 Team Tournament Live Broadcasts!

Duration: May 28 to June 1
Server: S1 to S243

The Cross-Server 5v5 Team Tournament is underway! Want to hear about the battles in other servers? Well why not start by reporting on the battles in your own server! All participants will receive rewards!

1. All players take part in the events can win 100 Vouchers, 500000 Gold & 5 Fortune Chests.
2. We will choose some good live broadcasts to put on Facebook, these players will receive 2000 Vouchers, 500000 Gold & 10 Fortune Chests.
3. The player whose broadcasts is shared the most on Facebook will win Free Royal Steed Soul & Angel of Death or 2000 Diamonds!

1. Reply to the post as the form below:
Character Name:
Server number:
A screenshot includes your character name:
The names of the team you are reporting:
The reports:
2. The reports should be original, players who copy from the others will not win any rewards.

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