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Djinni's Merchant: Resources Can Be Had Up to 98% OFF!


Djinni's Merchant

Duration: June 16 to June 19 (server time)

Server: S1 to S1344

Description: Great news!

Djinni's Merchant is holding the greatest sale EVER! Resources can be had for up to 98% OFF!
This sale is only available from June 16th to June 19th(server time), so hurry up and make full use of your Mid-year Thanks Coins!

Collect as many resources for your resource tycoon as you can since it's the first(and probably the last) chance that you have in Djinni's Merchant.

Friendly reminder: Mid-year Thanks Coin is the ONE-AND-ONLY token in Djinni's Merchant this time! And it can only be used in Djinni's Merchant! It expires when the event ends.

Let's see what resources exactly you can get from Djinni's Merchant this time!

Magic Mount Soul, Parchment, Magic Dust, Godsend, Gem Enhancement Stone, Awakening Stone, Spirit Essence, Khaos Core, Grotto Heart, Seraph's Stone, Blessed Stone, Element Scroll, Angel Tears, Energy Vitamin, Enchanted Ore, Spring of Wisdom, Aegis Shard, Purgatory Soul, Element Crystal, Synth Scroll, Legendary EXP Totem Chest, Epic EXP Totem Chest, Adv. Energy Card(50 Pts) and more will be waiting for you!

Come on! The more you buy, the higher the discount will be!


Mid-year Coin Bargain

Duration: June 16 to June 19 (server time)

Server: S1 to S1344

Description:Recharge and consume diamonds to gain Mid-Year Thanks Coin with a huge discount!

Requirements Rewards
Total Recharge 500 Diamonds today and spend 400 to buy (3 times) Mid-Year Thanks Coin x50
Total Recharge 3,000 Diamonds today and spend 1,200 to buy (3 times) Mid-Year Thanks Coin x180
Total Recharge 8,000 Diamonds today and spend 3,500 to buy (3 times) Mid-Year Thanks Coin x600
Total Recharge 30,000 Diamonds today and spend 6,000 to buy (3 times) Mid-Year Thanks Coin x1,500
Consumed 3,000 Diamonds and spend 800 to buy (5 times) Mid-Year Thanks Coin x100
Consumed 30,000 Diamonds and spend 3,500 to buy (5 times) Mid-Year Thanks Coin x600
Use 1,000 Daric to exchange(5 times) Mid-Year Thanks Coin x100

Mid-Year Coin Bomb

Duration: June 17 to June 18 (server time)

Description: Watch out! And let's get ready for the Mid-year Review Party! 

Refresh 10 times in Magic Shop
Mid-year Thanks Coin x10                            
Challenge 5 times in Arena
Mid-year Thanks Coin x10
Spend 100 Stamina in Element Zone Mid-year Thanks Coin x10
Blitz 10 times in God's Trial
Mid-year Thanks Coin x10

Join in X-server War 1 time

Mid-year Thanks Coin x10
Get a level 1 chest for free in Final Stand
Mid-year Thanks Coin x10
Reach 500 Points in Gemology
Mid-year Thanks Coin x10
Reach 400 points in Tidal Pool
Mid-year Thanks Coin x10
Complete 10 challenges in Clash of Might
Mid-year Thanks Coin x10
Use Daric to exchange(5 times)
Mid-year Thanks Coin x100

Tip: Kill World Boss, and you'll have a chance to get Mid-year Thanks Coin in Event Bonus.

Lucky Tree

Duration: June 16 to June 19 (Server time)

Server: S1 to S1344

Description: Good luck to all the brave warriors!

What's New Here:

1.Various armament chests and Magic Mount Soul are available in Lucky Tree this time! (Tip: Seize the chance to get them since they are not permanent here.)

2.Hammer of Justice(Legendary), Mythic Scroll(Legendary) and Fire of Chaos(Legendary) are all available this time! Don't miss the chance to gain Spirit Essence and Source of All Souls to increase your Amulets level and improve their quality. It's a great opportunity to make your heroes stronger!

3.If you want to make your angels more powerful, Lava Heart Chest and many angel artifacts are here for you.

4.Dragon Commander and Lizard are waiting to join your party.

5.You can also collect many resources here for your resource tycoon.

Group Buy

Duration: June 16 to June 18 (server time)
Server: S1 to S1344
Group buy consists of 2 different components, diamond purchase and voucher purchase. During the event, the more players who purchase the same items, the higher discounts they can get for the items. When you first buy this item, you will get 30% percent off, which used to be 10% before,  and finally you will get up to 70% settlement if it reach certain amount of purchases at the end of the event.


Group Buy only lasts for THREE DAYS this time. So seize the chance to collect more resources.

The items in this event include Hang Ten Shard, Purgatory Soul, Spirit Essence, Awakening Stone,Spring of Wisdom, Khaos Core, Seraph's Stone, Blessed Stone, Gem Enhancement Stone, Refining Stone, Element Crystal, Runestone, Ruby Herosoul, Aegis Shard, Angel Tears, Enchanted Ore, Synth Scroll and so on.


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

More exciting events are coming up through June 16 to June 19 (server time), check them out in the in-game Hot Events menu now.