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Be the director, make your own League of Angels film!


Be the director, make your own League of Angels film!

Duration: May 16 to June 16


 1. All entries will get the special limited time “Uber Youtuber” title!
 2. Films chosen to be shown on Facebook will be awarded with the limited time “Uber Youtuber” title and 5000 Diamonds!
 3. A jury consisting of members from the game’s Operations Department will choose the winning entry which will have the “Uber Youtuber” title5000 Diamonds and Amora’s Icon!

Film type:
1. Game reviews
2. Short comedy clips
3. Music videos
4. Micro films
5. Live action videos
6. Other creative ideas

We can offer:

Official CG films: 



Original Game LOGO:


GTarcade’s Youtube: 


1. After completing their film, players must upload it to YouTube and paste the URL in a reply to the event post in the forum(don’t forget your server number and character name).
2. We will choose the best videos which will be shown on Facebook every Friday.
3. One video will be selected as the winner at the end of the month from those shown on Facebook.
4. GTarcade has the final right to interpret and the right to use all videos in this event.

3 steps to make your own game videos: 
1. Use Fraps or other tools to capture your screen.
2. Use Windows Movie Maker, Corel Video Studio, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Final Cut, After Effects or other softwares to edit/cut your original film.
3. Choose a video compressor to transfer your video from .AVI to .RMVB or other format.