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Beach Treasure:Gain Immortal Guard Totem Here


Beach Treasure

Duration: April. 20 to April. 23 (server time)

Server: S1 to S1295


Treasures are hiding behind the shells, don’t you want to get them? Open the shells, match one pair of items then you can earn them as a prize! And you can also get points by opening shells. Collect points and win mounts and many more rewards!

Take Sunflower and Spring Fragrance to your Homestead if you still don't have enough of them!

Khaos Equip. Chest, Spirit Essence, Parchment, Magic Dust will be available in Points Store.

Isolde, Isolde Awakening Stone, Forune Awakening Stone, Seraphim, Sunniva; Nether Lord, Frosta Queen,  Dark Paladin, Leoric, the Conqueror, Valkyrie, Arcane Spirit, Astral Hunter;

mount: Incubus, Inferno Steed, Jade Dragon, Violetspirit Ram, White Kirin, Floe Hunter;

fairy: Little Earth Shaker, Cancer and Aries;

Clothes and wings: Leprechaun Suit, Moonbeam Wings, Wings of Gold, Phoenix Wings, Raven Cloak,  and many hot items are waiting for you in the Manual Pick Mode! Besides, you have the chance to win Immortal Guard Totem! 

1.Each turn there will be 8 pairs of items hiding behind the shells. Match one pair of items then you can earn them as a prize.
2.Opening shells costs shell points, which can be bought buy diamonds. And using 1 shell point will win 10 points. Points can be used to buy items in the points store.

3.At 8:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00 of everyday, we will send you 8 shell points. Remember to collect it in time, if not you can not collect it when expired.

4.There will be two kind of reward mode, Random Pick and Manual Pick, which can be chosen by yourself. In the Random Pick mode when you open the shells, items appear randomly, while in the Manual Pick mode you can spend diamonds to select items as you like.

5.In the Manual Pick mode, click the REFRESH button then the items you have selected will appeared in next turn.
The shells will refresh each hour. Clearing the cooling down time of refresh costs 50 diamonds in the Random Pick mode, while in the Manual Pick mode need extra diamonds besides the 50 diamonds.


Today Ranking


Basic Prize(Req.250 Pts)

Adv.Prizes(Req.600 Pts)


Sacrifice Point Card(50) x3

Totem Badge x50, and Basic Energy Card Flip Card (5) x5


Sacrifice Point Card(50) x2

Totem Badge x40, and Basic Energy Card (5) x5


Sacrifice Point Card(50) x1

Totem Badge x30, and Basic Energy Card (5) x3


Sacrifice Point Card(10) x3

Totem Badge x20, and Basic Energy Card (5) x2


Sacrifice Point Card(10) x2

Totem Badge x10, and Basic Energy Card (5) x1

 Overall Ranking


Basic Prize(Req.2,000 Pts)

Adv.Prizes(Req.8,000 Pts)


Seraphs Stone x500

Immortal Guard Totem (Ruby)x1, Celestial Exp Totem Chest x3, and Lvl. 11 Hit Gem x1


Seraphs Stone x300

Immortal Guard Totem (Garnet) x1, Legendary Exp Totem Chest x5, and Lvl. 10 Hit Gem x1


Seraphs Stone x200

Lvl. 9 Crit Gemx2, Blessed Stone x200, and Epic Exp Totem Chest x2


Seraphs Stone x150

Lvl. 9 Crit Gem x1 and Blessed Stone x150


Seraphs Stone x100

Lvl. 8 Crit Gem x2 and Blessed Stone x100

Bonus for Shells

Duration: Mar 16 to Mar 21 (Server time)

Server: S1 to S1263

Description: Reach certain Points in Beach Treasure everyday to collect the following bonus!

Requirements Rewards
Reach 500 points 
Sacrifice Point Card (10 Pts) x1, Totem Badge x100
Reach 1,000 points
Gem Enhancement Stone x100, Enchanted Ore x200
Reach 2,000 points 
Soulstone x400, Blessed Stone x100
Reach 3,000 points 
Seraph's Stone x100, Refining Stone x1,000
Reach 4,000 points 
Runestone x2,000, Enchanted Ore x800, Seraph's Stone x200

Feast on Beach 

Duration: April 20 to April 25 (Server time)

Server: S1 to S1295

Description: Get higher total points in Beach Treasure and win better rewards! 

Requirements Rewards
Reach 4,000 points Sacrifice Point Card (50 Pts) x1, and Totem Badge x500
Reach 6,000 points Element Crystal Chest x40, and Gem Enhancement Chest x50
Reach 8,000 points
Soulstone Chest x30, and Blessed Stone Chest x50
Reach 10,000 points
Lvl. 8 Valuable Gem Chest x1, Element Crystal x300, and Seraph's Stone Chest x50
Reach 12,000 points
Lvl. 9 Valuable  Gem Chest x1, Runestone Chest x50, and Seraph's Stone Chest x65

600 Devotion Bargain

Duration: Mar 23 (server time)

Server: S1 to S1275

Description: Reach certain devotion everyday to collect the following bonus!

Requirements Rewards
100 devotion Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x1
100 devotion, Spend 1,000 to buy(3 times)
Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x5
200 devotion
Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x1
200 devotion, Spend 1800 to buy(3 times)
Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x10
300 devotion
Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x1
300 devotion, Spend 2,500 to buy(3 times)
Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x15
400 devotion
Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x1
400 devotion, Spend 3,000 to buy(3 times) Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x20
500 devotion
Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x1
500 devotion, Spend 3,500 to buy(3 times)
Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x25
600 devotion
Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x1
600 devotion, Spend 4,000 to buy(3 times) Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x30


Please note that the above content(including the screenshots) might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

More exciting events are coming up through April 20 to April. 23(server time), check them out in the in-game Hot Events menu now!