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500 Servers Celebration: Get Century Value Chests


As of May 2014, League of Angels has been released in over 40 countries with nearly 500 servers opened in 7 language versions. The 500th server will be opened on May 5. To celebrate this exciting moment, we are holding the following events:


Century Value Pack

Duration: May 5 19:00 to May 6 23:59 (server time)

Server: All

Description: Collect your Century Chest from the Hot Events menu every time you recharge 1000 Diamonds! (Max 5 times). Open the chest to receive one of the following: Blessed Stone x100, Seraph's Stone x100, Soulstone x100, Element Crystal x100, or Basic Energy Card (10) x10.



Recharge 1000 Diamonds to buy for 100 Diamonds

Century Chest x1


Looking for the Superstar

Duration: May 6 to 12

Description: who is the Superstar in League of Angels? Post your photo with League of Angels related elements to win Seraph's Stones, Aegis Shards, and Diamonds, and event Wedding Garb. Click here to participate.


More exciting events are coming up through April 10 to 11. Check them out in the in-game How Events menu now!