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Fortune Bag:Gain Great Items Here


Fortune Bag

After taking your suggestions into consideration, our developers have made some adjustment about Fortune Bag. Let's check out what's new here:

1.The Fortune Bag lasts for two days only.

2.Players have a higher chance of getting Angels, mounts and fashions. Good luck!

3.Raphael, Scarlet Finch and Pirate Clothing are newly added here.

4.Reach 100,000 points, players can get the corresponding rewards!

Find another way to gain great items and boost your Battle Rating! Angels, mounts and reources await you ahead!

Duration: Feb 19 to Feb 20(server time)

Server: S1 to S1236


1.In general, three different Fortune bags with be there, namely, Mount Fortune Bag, Angel Foturne Bag and Fashion Fortune Bag. Each kind of bag contains various items which are different from those in other bags. Players can get items randomly by using certain tokens to open them. 

2.Reach certain points to collect corresponding rewards.


Raphael, Alecta, Aphrodite Awakening Stone, Varda, Varda Awakening Stone, Eostre, Lvl. 4 Artifact EXP Card Chest, Lvl.10 Cherubstone;

Scarlet Finch, Fiery Bull, Panda, Smoldering Steed, Ruthless Leopard, Tusky, Rudolph, Darkspirit Ram;

Pirate Costume, Rose Essence, Wedding Garb, Medieval Armor, Legacy,Cinderella, Majestic EXP Totem Chest, Purgatory Soul, Blessed Stone, Element Crystal and more will drop randomly!

Mount Fortune Bag

It contains many mounts and resources. This time, you will have a chance to get Fiery Bull, Scarlet Finch, Ruthless Leopard, Rudolph, Smoldering Steed, Panda, Aegis Shards, Element Scroll, Energy Vitamin, Seraph's Stone and more will be there!

Angel Fortune Bag

Many angels and resources will drop randomly when open; say Raphael, Varda, Varda Awakening Stone, Grace, Elena, Eostre,Fortuna Awakening Stone, Lvl. 4 Artifact EXP Card Chest, Lvl. 10 Cherubstone, Spring of Wisdom, Grotto Heart and Angel Tears.

Good luck!

Fashion Fortune Bag

Pirate Costume, Cowboy Fashion, Medieval Armor, Superhuman, Wings of Rhythm, Intelligent Wing, Wedding Garb, Legacy, Khaos Core, Majestic EXP Totem Chest, Fashion Core Purgatory Soul and more will drop randomly from this bag.

Point Rewards

Reach certain points to get your rewards!

Reach 300 Points
Runestone x150
Reach 600 Points
Runestone x200 and Soulstone x150
Reach 1,500 Points
Runestone x350, Soulstone x250 and Blessed Stone x100
Reach 2,500 Points
Runestone x600, Soulstone x500, Element Scroll x100 and Lvl.3 Angel Artifact Card x20
Reach 5,000 Points
Gem Enhancement Stone x800, Blessed Stone x500, Purgatory Soul x400 and Lvl. 3 Angel Artifact Card x40
Reach 10,000 Points
Soulstone x1,200, Seraph's Stone x500, Purgatory Soul x800 and Lvl. 4 Angel Artifact Card x50
Reach 30,000 Points
Aegis Shard x4,500, Element Scroll x1,500, Purgatory Soul x1,500 and Lvl. 4 Angel Artifact Card x70
Reach 60,000 Points
Blessed Stone x2,000, Seraph's Stone x2,000, Grotto Heart x2,000 and Lvl.11 Valuable Gem Chest x1
Reach 100,000 Points
Adv. Soulstone x200, Divine Blessing Stone x200 and Lvl. 12 Superior Gem Chest x1

About Fortune Bag Token

It’s the token which can be used to open Fortune bags. Every 1 token used in the Fortune Bag event earns 10 point.

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

More exciting events are coming up through Feb 19 to  Feb 20 (Server Time), check them out in the in-game Hot Events menu now!

Hope you have fun in LoA!