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Be the New Resource Tycoon, Win Dragonblood Drapes!


The new Resource Tycoon competition is back from April 21 to 25. Collect the required resources as many as you can to win the new The winner will walk away with the new costume Dragonblood Drapes!


Costume: Dragonblood Drapes

League of Angels Dragonblood Drapes

Base Attributes: HP +6500, PATK +2250, MATK +2250, PDEF +1500, MDEF +1500, and Agility +500

Battle Rating: +3150


Resource Tycoon

Duration: April 21 to 25 (server time)

Server: S1 to S115


- Click on the Tycoon icon on the left of the game window to open the Resource Tycoon menu.

- Players gain points by collecting required resources during the event, i.e. Gold, Runestones, Soulstones, Blessed Stones, Seraph's Stones, Element Crystal, Angel Tears, Blessed Stone and Aegis Shard.

- Each day at 14:00 and 22:00 the point leaders will be determined and prizes will be set accordingly. Prizes include Aegis Shards, Synth Scroll, Soulstones, and Blessed Stone.

- The grand prize will be issued at the conclusion of the event. 


Basic Prize (Min Pts: 18000)

Supreme Prize (Min Pts: 38000)


Voucher x1000 and Lvl. 6 Fusion Gem Chest x1 Dragonblood Drape x1, Lvl. 6 Royal Helmet Print x1, Lvl. 7 Cherubstone x1, and Seraph's Stone x200


Voucher x900 and Lvl. 7 Common Gem Chest x1 Lvl. 60 Royal Helmet Print x1, Lvl. 7 Cherubstone x1 and Seraph's Stone x200


Voucher x800 and Lvl. 6 Common Gem Chest x2 Lvl. 60 Royal Mail Print x1 and Seraph's Stone x150


Voucher x799 and Lvl. 6 Common Gem Chest x1 Lvl. 6 Cherubstone x1 and Seraph's Stone x150


Voucher x500

Lvl. 5 Cherubstone x2 and Seraph's Stone x150

League of Angels Resource Tycoon

- Overall Scoring Rules

Resources Acquired From

Count or not

The Hot Events menu or other special events


The attachment of the mail sent during the Resource Tycoon event

The the attachment of the mail sent before the Resource Tycoon event


The rewards of Resource Tycoon


Opening chests


Check out the valid ways of acquisition for each in the in game Tycoon menu. 



Group Buy

Duration: April 21 14:00 to 25 (server time)

Server: S1 to S115


- Click on the Group Buy icon on the left of the game window to bring up the event menu.

- During the event, the more people who buy an item, the cheaper it becomes! The discount can be as high as 50% off.

- If you bought an item at a higher price than the final price, you may collect the price difference after the event ends.

- Group Tickets can be used in the Group Buy to purchase certain items. 1 Group Ticket is worth 1 Diamond. Group Tickets can be obtained from the events Total Recharge Reward and Daily Challenge.

- If the purchase involves Group Tickets, the Diamonds paid with Group Tickets will not be returned.
- The remaining Group Tickets are still valid for future Group Buy events.

- The items in this event are Lycorax Shard, Seraph's Stone, Blessed Stone, Lvl. 6 Common Gem Chest, Gem Essence, Magic Socket Rod, Refining Stone, Element Crystal, Runestone, Ruby Herosoul, Aegis Shard, Soulstone, Angel Tears, Basic Energy Card (50), Lvl. 4 Common Gem Chest, Lvl. 4 Superior Gem Chest, Topaz Herosouls, Synth Scroll, and Gold.

Mount: Lycorax

League of Angels Lycorax

Glamor Bonus: PATK +500, MATK +500, PDEF +350, MDEF +350, Agility +180, HP + 1500.
Glamor Skill: has 10% chance to increase player Crit by 10%


Lucky Draw:

The first time each day a player buys each specific item in Group Buy, they will get a chance to draw in Lucky Draw. Prizes include Group Buy points and Vouchers. There is also an item that gives a 100% refund on the first purchase of the day!


1.Group Buy points are rewarded to players every time they make a successful purchase. These points can be used in the lottery.

2.Choose luck numbers from 1-999.

3. After the event, 1 lucky number will be chosen by the system. The player who has chosen the same number will win 5000 Diamonds!

4. Those who do not win the Big Prize will receive Vouchers according to the amount of Lucky Numbers they have. 



Daily Challenge

Duration: April 21 to 25 (server time)

Server: S1 to S 115

Description: Gain Devotion points every day to win Group Buy tickets.



300 Devotion Points

Voucher x100 and Gold x200000

400 Devotion Points

Voucher x200 and Basic Energy Card (10) x1

500 Devotion Points

Group Ticket x100 and Refining Stone x30

600 Devotion Points

Group Ticket x150 and Runestone x50


Total Recharge Reward

Duration: April 21 to 25 (server time)

Server: S1 to S115

Description: Cumulatively recharge certain amounts during the event to get Group Tickets and other rewards!



Total Recharge: Diamond x1500

Group Ticket x150 and Blessed Stone x30

Total Recharge: Diamond x5,000

Group Ticket x300 and Synth Scroll x60

Total Recharge: Diamond x15,000

Group Ticket x500, Runestone x200, Lvl. 6 Cherubstone x1

Total Recharge: Diamond x40,000

Group Ticket x800, Element Crystal x200, and Lvl. 7 Cherubstone x1


Gem Collector 

Duration: April 21 to 27 (server time)

Server: S1 to S115

Description: Recharge certain amount of Diamonds to swap Common Gems for Fusion Gems!



Recharge 3999 Diamonds

Swap Lvl. 6 MDEF Gem x3 for Lvl. 6 Fusion Gem Chest x1

Recharge 5999 Diamonds

Swap Lvl. 6 PDEF Gem x3 for Lvl. 6 Fusion Gem Chest x1

Recharge 7999 Diamonds

Swap Lvl. 7 MDEF Gem x3 for Lvl. 7 Fusion Gem Chest x1

Recharge 9999 Diamonds

Swap Lvl. 7 PDEF Gem x3 for Lvl. 7 Fusion Gem Chest x1

More exciting events are coming up through April 21 to 27. Check them out in the in-game How Events menu now!