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Week of Love: Get Amora, Wedding Garb & Rings with Your Beloved!


Wheel of Luck

Duration: April 7 to 9 (server time)

Server: S1-S83

Description: Spin the wheel of Luck to win Incinerator, Amora, Angelina, Seraph's Stones, and many more! 

- The prizes include Amora's Seal, Amora's Seal Shard, Seraph's Stones, Lvl. 3 Holy Crystal, Angel Tears, Aegis Shards, and Blessed Stone. 

- It will cost 1 Jackpot Lotto Voucher for each spin. Jackpot Lotto Vouchers can be obtained from the events Daily Login and Total Recharge Rewards, and by purchasing with Diamonds.

- For each spin, you will receive 1 Wheel of Luck Point. 

- When your Wheel of Luck points hit 20, 50, 100, 300 and 500, you can claim some Jackpot Lotto Vouchers from the Wheel of Luck menu.

- You can spend points to make purchases in the Shop of Luck. Angelina's Icon, Lvl. 3 and 5 Common Gem Chests, Lvl. 3 and 5 Superior Gem Chests, Ruby Herosouls, Lvl. 4 Cherubstones, Lvl. 3 Holy Crystals, Lvl. 3 Warsoul Seeds (L), and Lvl. 3 Gold Seeds (L) can be bought there. 

- Daily Top 10 players who have at least 60 points will get extra Synth Scrolls; Daily Top 10 players who have at least 120 points will get extra Seraph's Stones. 

- At the end of the event, the Top 10 players who have at least 250 total points or 600 points will get extra rewards as follows.


250 Points 600 Points


Blessed Stone x150 Incinerator x1 (Costume)


Blessed Stone x100 Lvl. 7 Superior Gem Chest x1


Blessed Stone x70 Lvl. 6 Superior Gem Chest x1


League of Angels Amora

Base Stats: MATK 4874, Agility 1240, Hit 36, Crit 86, Crit Damage 28

Max Level: 70

Halo: Crit +30, ATK +180, ATK +180, HP +640

Skill: Deals Magic DMG of (160% ATK +500) to all enemies

Wedding Garb

League of Angels Wedding Garb

Base Stats: B.R. +1305, HP +4400, PATK +1250, PDEF +650, MDEF +650, Agility +200

How to get: Synth using Wedding Garb Shards and Roses obtained from Wedding gift packs, Wheel of Luck and the Shop.


League of Angels Incinerator

Base attributes: HP +5000, PATK +1600, MATK +1600, PDEF +1200, MDEF +1200, Agility +360



Roses are red, violets are blue, send roses to me and I'll be true!

Duration: April 5 to 8 (server time)

Server: S1-S83

Description: send roses to your beloved and earn gifts for both of you!

1. Go to the character menu and click on the Rose icon in the upper right corner to bring up the Rose sending menu. 

2. Roses can be obtained from Garden, Daily Login, Recharge Rewards, and the Shop

3. Send Roses to your beloved to get great rewards for both of you!

- For each sent Rose bunch, you will receive a Rose Chest in return.

- Each day, the top 10 players who receive the most Roses and have at least 200 points will get Daily Ranking rewards; at the end of the event, the Top 10 players who have received the most Roses and have at least 1000 will have a chance get Charmer Flair and many other rewards.


1000 Points

3500 Points


Prestige x10000, Voucher x500, and Basic Energy Card (50) x2 Lvl. 5 Superior Gem Chest x1, Seraph's Stone x60, and Charmer flair (30 day)


Prestige x5000, and Voucher x300 Lvl. 4 Superior Gem Chest and Seraph's Stone x30


Prestige x4000, and Voucher x200 Lvl. 3 Superior Gem Chest x2


Prestige x3000 and Voucher x150 Lvl. 3 Superior Gem Chest x1



Gifts of Marriage

Duration: April 5 to 9 (server time)

Server: S1 to S83

Description: Host or attend the wedding party to get romantic items!



Send Confetti once

Wedding Garb Chest x1

Send Confetti 5 times

Rose x99 and Wedding Garb Shard x2

Light fireworks once

Wedding Garb Chest x1

Light fireworks 5 times

Rose x99 and Wedding Garb Shard x2



Today's Gift

Duration: April 7 to 9 (server time)

Server: S1-S83

Description: Log in every day and get Jackpot Lotto Voucher!



Total Login: 1 Day

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x10

Total Login: 2 Days

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x10

Total Login: 3 Days

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x10


Total Recharge Reward

Duration: April 5 to 7 (server time)

Server: S1 to S83

Description: Cumulatively recharge certain amounts within 1 week to get roses and many other rewards!



Total Recharge: 1500 Diamonds

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x10

Total Recharge: 5000 Diamonds

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x15 and Blessed Stone x20

Total Recharge: 15000 Diamonds

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x20 and Gem Essence x30

Total Recharge: 30000 Diamonds

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x30 and Magic Socket Rod x40

Total Recharge: 50000 Diamonds

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x50, Blessed Stone x100 and Seraph's Stone x100


Daily Recharge Rewards

Duration: April 5 to 9 (server time)

Server: S1 to S83

Description: Recharge every day and buy romantic items at a discounted price.



Recharge any amount daily 

Rose x99
Recharge 1999 Diamonds daily

Rose x999

Recharge cumulatively 5999 Diamonds to buy for 3999 Diamonds (Max purchase cap: 1)

Ring of Revelation x1


Facebook Group

Duration: April 5 to 12

Server: all

Description: Reply the Facebook post with the screen shot of your guild's Facebook Group to be qualified. Then Like & Share this post for your chance to win a FREE Ring of Revelation on 4/12! Click here to participate.


Show off Your Wedding Parties

Duration: April 5 to 9

Server: all

Description: post the photo of your in-game or real life wedding party to win Element Dust and Seraph's Stones! Click here to participate.