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Navigation King: Seek for Stunning Stream Wings!


Navigation King

Duration: Oct 22 to Oct 24 (Server Time)

Server: S1 to S1117


The ancient lost land has been found in east sea. It is said that there was full of exotic treasures, and has the legendary fountain of youth which can make people live forever. All of this attracts countless people set off on their adventure. What are you waiting for? Go aboard and sail around this new world, to explore the mystical area and find your treasure!

Click the icon of Navigation king you will see four parts. They are Sail away, Bonus, Emporium, and Rules.


Sail Away

1. Player can board a ship once and employ 1 mariner for free each day.
2. Voyage will begin after the countdown finishes.
3. Spend 50 diamonds to employ one mariner immediately. The mariner can find bonus treasure for the player. Different mariners can seek for different treasures. The cost is the same, but the chance to win extra treasure differs. Choose wisely!
Deckhand:        1-star ☆
Skillful Sailor:     2-star ☆☆
Second Officer: 3-star ☆☆☆
Chief Officer:     4-star ☆☆☆☆

Captain:            5-star ☆☆☆☆☆

4. A cross-server mariner treasure hunt will also take place during the voyage.

5. Paying any amount of the boarding fee also gives pirate gold.


When voyage finished, you will see treasure interface. You can get pirate gold and have chance to get extra treasures.

If the mariner who finds treasure is one of the mariner selected by the player, then they will also win extra treasure at the end. For example: You choose 1 and 3 star mariner at first. If the wheel stops at 1 star mariner, then you will get the corresponding reward. And if you chose 4 1-star mariner, then you can get reward x4.

1 diamond ≠ 1 pirate gold. The higher private level is, the more Pirate Gold you will get.

Private Level Required Pirate Gold collected by per mariner Mariner Price                        
lvl 1(10+ mariners in total)  75 Pirate Gold 50 diamonds
lvl 2(20+mariners in total)  100 Pirate Gold 50 diamonds
lvl 3(40+ mariners in total)  125 Pirate Gold 50 diamonds
lvl 4(100+mariners in total)  150 Pirate Gold 45 diamonds
lvl 5(200+mariners in total)  150 Pirate Gold 40 diamonds
lvl 6(500+mariners in total)  160 Pirate Gold 35 diamonds
lvl 7(1000+mariners in total)  160 Pirate Gold 30 diamonds
lvl 8(2000+mariners in total)  175 Pirate Gold 25 diamonds
lvl 9(3500+mariners in total)  175 Pirate Gold 25 diamonds

 If it stops at this icon, It means it will 100% hitting more than one mariner.



1.There are Individual Perks and Total Benefits(server benefits) in this part. Items in the screenshot may differ from actual in game

2.Employing 1 mariner increase individual/world navigation EXP by 1 point.
3.Player can get rewards when reach the corresponding level.
4.There will be some bonus events when the corresponding level be reached.



In Emporium you will see Super-Shop and Star-Shop. You can use pirate gold to buy hot items . Including, Landmark Coin, Nocturna Awakening Stone, Mount Persian Cat, Dark Soulstone, Spring of Wisdom, Cherubstone, and more! 

PS: Some items are daily-limited and some are event-limited.

Daily Limit: you can only buy the items for certain times each day.    

Event Limit: you can only buy certain items for certain times during the event.

Total Recharge Reward

Duration: Oct 22 to Oct 25 (server time)
Server: S1 to S1117

Description: Cumulatively recharge certain amount during the event to get special rewards!



Total Recharge: 

Diamond x1,500

Shell Point Card x2, Soulstone x100, Blessed Stone x150, Runestone x100 and Element Scroll x150

Total Recharge: 

Diamond x5,000

Shell Point Card x5, Gem Enhancement Stone x150, Blessed Stone x250, Seraph's Stone x250and Aegis Shard x1200

Total Recharge: 

Diamond x10,000

Shell Point Card x10, Refining stone x300, Energy Vitamin x100Blessed Stone x350 and Awakening Stone x1200

Total Recharge: 

Diamond x20,000

Purgatory Soul x100, Shell Point Card x25, Energy Vitamin x200, Grotto Heart x800, and Element Crystal x2,000

Total Recharge: 

Diamond x40,000

Purgatory Soul x200, Shell Point Card x55, Angel Tear x500, Lvl. 8 Fusion Gem Chest x1, and Seraph's Stone x2200 

Today's Gift

Duration: Oct 22 to Oct 25  (server time)
Server: S1 to S1117

Description: Log in every day to win Shell Point Card, Card Lotto Vouchers, Nectar, and Roses!



Total Login: 1 Day

Card Lotto Vouchers x5, Tarot Time Card, and Vouchers x100

Total Login: 2 Days

Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x1, Quiz Voucher x5, and Vouchers x100

Total Login: 3 Days

Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x1,  Quiz Voucher x5Vouchers x100, and Energy Vitamin x5

Total Login: 4 Days

Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x2, Quiz Voucher x10Vouchers x200 and Lilac Stone x10


Duration: Oct 22 to Oct 25 (server time)
Server: S1 to S1117

Description: Complete daily challenges to get great rewards!



Bond with Angels 80 times

Angel Tear x30

Explore 20 times in Raiders

Soulstone x100

13 Solo Arena battles

Element Crystal x100

600 Erebus points

Gold x2,000,000

6 Team Arena battles

Dragon Crest x50

3000 Gemology points

Basic Energy Card (50) x1 

Recharge 299 diamonds Soulstone x150, Seraph's Stone x50, Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x2, and Energy Vitamin x10

Recharge any amount

Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x2 and Vouchers x200
Spend 1,000 diamonds
Soulstone x150, Blessed Stone x50, Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x2, Lilac Stone x10

Spend any amount

Quiz Voucher x5 and Vouchers x50


All-Round Talent

Duration: Oct 22 to Oct 25  (server time)
Server: S1 to S1117

Description: Complete daily challenges to get rewards.



Bond Angel 30 times

Angel Tears x 15

5 Solo Arena Battles

Dragon Crest x30

Explore 15 times in Raiders

Soulstone x50

5 Team Arena Battles

Dragon Crest x30

30 Loops

Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x1,Quiz Voucher x5, Lilac Stone x5, and Stamina x20
30 Loops (VIP 4 or above) Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x2, Quiz Voucher x5, Energy Vitamin x10, and Stamina x20
50 Loops Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x1, Quiz Voucher x5, Stamina x30, and Eternal Spire Challenge Card x1

300 Erebus Points

Seraphs Stone x30

500 Gemology Points

Adv. Energy Card (10) x1

Get 400 points in Tidal Pool

400k Gold


Fishing Soul

Duration: Oct 22 to Oct 25 (server time)

Server: S1 to S1117

Description: Complete daily challenges to get rewards.



1000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x50

2000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x100, Gold x300000

5000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x150 and Blessed Stone x40

10000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x250 and Blessed Stone x100

20000 Tidal Pool Points

Blessed Stone x300, Gold x3,500,000 and Soulstone x500

Use Laser Once

Synth Scroll x300, Soulstone x100, Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x1,and  Lilac Stone x5

Use Laser 3 Times

Synth Scroll x400, Soulstone x300, Blessed Stone x50, Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x2, and  Lilac Stone x10

Use Laser 5 Times

Synth Scroll x600, Soulstone x300, Blessed Stone x150, Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x3, and Lilac Stone x20

Explore New Gem Enhancement

Duration:  Oct 22 to Oct 25 (Server Time)

Server: S1 to S1117

Description: Gain enough points in Gemology to collect Gem Enhancement Stones and extra rewards!



500 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x30

1,000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x50

2,000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x70

5,000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x100

10,000 Points

Synth Scroll x200, Gem Enhancement Stone x200, Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x2, and Quiz Voucher x5

20,000 Points

Synth Scroll x300, Gem Enhancement Stone x400, Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x3, Quiz Voucher x5,and  Energy Vitamin x10

50,000 Points

Synth Scroll x600, Gem Enhancement Stone x700, Shell Point Card (10 Pts) x6, Eternal Spire Challenge Card x1, and Lvl. 7 Fusion Gem Chest x1

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

More exciting events are coming up through Oct 22 to Oct 24 (Server Time), check them out in the in-game Hot Events menu now!