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League of Angels 100 Day Celebration


League of Angels is celebrating its 100 day anniversary this month. A series of events are being held through March 10 to 12. You will have a chance to win special titles, Superstar and Pro. Check out the details!


Looking for the Superstar

Duration: March 10 to 12 (server time) 

Server: S1 to S43

Description: Send roses to your beloved! At the end of the event, the players who receive the most Roses will get the special title “Superstar”!


Daily Basic Reward

Consec. Basic Reward Consec. Adv. Reward

Gold x500000, Prestige x3000

Prestige x1000, Voucher x500, Basic Energy Card (50) x2 Lvl. 5 Common Gem Chest x1, Bless Stone x60 and Superstar Flair x1

Gold x400000, Prestige x2000

Prestige x5000, Voucher x300 Lvl. 4 Common Gem Chest x1, Bless Stone x30
4th-5th Gold x30000, Prestige x1500 Prestige x4000, Voucher x200 Lvl. 3 Common Gem Chest x2

Gold x20000, Prestige x1000

Prestige x3000, Voucher x150 Lvl.3 Common Gem Chest x1

Prestige x2000, Voucher x100


Warriors' Passion

Duration: March 10 to 12 (server time) 

Server: S1 to S43

Description: Reach the specified devotion to get the prizes! 



100 Daily Devotion

Gold x100000

200 Daily Devotion

Soulstone x20

300 Daily Devotion

Basic Energy Card (10)x1

400 Daily Devotion

Lvl. 2 Rose Seed Bag

500 Daily Devotion

Bless Stone x30

600 Daily Devotion

Pro Flair (7 day) and Basic Energy Card (50) x1


Daily Login

Duration: March 10 to 12 (server time) 

Server: S1 to S43

Description: Login each day to win Vouchers and Rose Seeds! 



Total Login: 1 Day

Voucher x200, Lvl. 2 Rose Seed x5

Total Login: 2 Days

Voucher x200, Lvl. 2 Rose Seed x5

Total Login: 3 Days

Voucher x500, Rose x25


Daily Recharge Reward 

Duration: March 10 to 12 (server time) 

Server: S1 to S43

Description: Recharge each day during the event to win bonus rewards!



Recharge any amount daily

99 Roses

Recharge 1999 Diamonds daily

999 Roses


Finding 100

Duration: March to 12 (server time)

Server: All

Description: Find the number "100" in real life and take a photo to get gifts! Every few days, we will choose one of our favorites and share it on our Facebook page. If yours is chosen, you will win 1000 Diamonds! Check out the forum event thread for the details!


GTArcade Club

The GTArcade Club is recruiting! The club is invite-only. If you have received the invitation letter from our Club Manager, simply follow the instructions with to accept the offer.

More exciting events are coming up from March 7 to 9. Check them out in the Hot Events menu now!