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Boss Lotto is back with Lycorax! And many other events!


Boss Lotto

Server: All

Duration: 3/2 – 6 (server time) 

Description: From March 2 to 6, every day from 12:00-22:00, you can draw prizes in the Events Bonus menu. 

Possible Prize: Lycorax Soul, Ruby Herosouls, Topaz Herosouls, Garnet Herosouls, Soulstones, Gold 


- After each boss is killed, all players on the server will receive 1 prize draw. 

- Any player who participates in the World Boss event will receive 2 prize draws. 

- If you deal at least 1% of total DMG to all bosses, you will receive 2 prize draws. 

- Additional prize draws will be rewarded for ranking on the World Boss leader board. 

- All prize draws will be reset at 00:00 

- After free prize draws are used up, additional draws may be purchased for diamonds. 


Total Recharge Reward 

Server: All 

Duration: 3/2 – 6 (server time) 

Description: Cumulatively recharge during the event to get special rewards! 

Total Recharge


Diamond x1500

Synth Scroll x50 and Gold x200000

Diamond x5000

Gold x500000 and Soulstone x100
Diamond x10000

Gold x1000000 and Aegis Shard x150

Diamond x20000

Gold x2000000 and Ruby Herosoul x50

Note: The rewards can be collected in the Recharge Reward menu in the game. 


Hero Cultivation 

Server: S1 to S35 

Duration: 3/2 – 6 (server time) 

Description: Train your heroes to the specific quality to get Soulstones, Superior Gems and many other awesome rewards! Check out the Hot Events menu in the game for details. 

Fisherman's Wharf 

Server: S1 to S31 

Duration: 3/2 - 6 (server time) 

Description: Here comes the privilege for all the qualified fishermen, if you think you got what it takes, come get it! Note: Each prize can be retrieved once per day. 

Get 400 Tidal Pool points to buy Soulstone x40 for 99 Diamonds only; 

Consume 199 Diamonds to buy Soulstone x100 for 199 Diamonds only; 

Get 3000 Tidal Pool points and consume 999 Diamonds to buy Soulstone x160 for 299 Diamonds only. 

More exciting events are coming up through March 2 to 6. Check them out in the in-game How Events menu now!