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Champion Showdown: Fight For Your Own Style


Champion Showdown

Champion Showdown is first all-server, all-platform and all-timezone event, which means this is the unprecedented grand Competition for all players in LoA all over the world.



Unprecedented Honor

Winner of Champion Showdown will receive special honor and privilege in League of Angels,
Which includes
Title: you will earn a title with special attribute and you have the right to name it.
Equipment: you will earn the most powerful equipment in LoA; you can decide the name and tips of it; you can also engrave unique logo, totem, or words on it.
After all the customized items are made, both the outlook and the attribute can be seen in all servers.

Share of Weal or Woe
Players (Lvl 50+) in same platform will get event bonus according to player with the highest rank in this platform.
Players(Lvl 50+) in same server will get event bonus according to player with the highest rank in this server.
Players will receive super rewards when his/her Cheering points exceed certain quantity.

Cheering Guess

Champion Showdown has Cheering Guess feature. All players can join in the guess. No matter you guess right or wrong, you will be rewarded with great items.


Competition Agenda

Qualifier: May. 15th 10:00:00 to May. 17th 23:59:59

Group Stage: May. 18th  00:00:01 to May. 20th 23:59:59

Grand Final: May. 21st 00:00:01 to May. 23:59:59

Rewards Collection: May. 23rd 00:00:01 to May. 25th 23:59:59


1. Players with a battle rating over 1,000,000 and Lvl. 50+ can participate.

2. There are 2 stages in the event. Gold Stage: Lvl. 50-Lvl. 80; Diamond Stage: Lvl.81+.

3. Champion Showdown contains 3 parts: Qualifiers, Group Stage and Grand Final.

4. The champions will be rewarded with honor and glory beyond imagining.



In this stage, you need to check out if you are qualified to participate the first battle stage---group stage. System will automatically selected players (Lvl 50+) with 1,000,000 Battle Rating to participat this event. The max seats are 5,000.  So, if you want to participat this event or to do better performance in the battle stage, you can hurry up to upgrade your weapon, train your mount, fairy and hero, any way to make your party stronger!

Please note that there are 2 stages in the event. Gold Stage: Lvl. 50-Lvl. 80; Diamond Stage: Lvl.81+.



Group Stage

Here come the real battle stage---Group Stage. You need to defeat other players in your group to win more scores. You can get free attempts daily. Also you can purchase extra attempts by diamonds. There are 8 groups in Gold Stage, and 8 in Diamond Stage. At the end of phase, top 8 players of each group in each Stage are qualified to enter the Grand Final Stage.


Grand Final

Players who enter into Grand Final will compete for the highest honour.

All player can wage before the battle begin. Click this Button  you will enter the wager interface. Meanwhile you can Cheer or Boo the players. If you use 1,000 roses (champion showdown rose) to cheer a player, he or she will receive a 1% basic stat bonus (total bonus can be stacked up to 50%). If you use 500 Toss Eggs to boo a player, he or she will receive a 1% decrease in basic stats (total decrease can be stacked up tp 50%).

 For more details please check ingame. Hurry up to prepare for this grand Cross-server event!