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Show off your Computer/Desk Setups!


Take a photo of your computer setup with League of Angels or our official website open.
Every few days, we will choose one of our favorites and share it on our Facebook page. If yours is chosen, you will win great prizes! There will be at least 3 winners. More may be selected if there are a lot of interesting or unique entries!
There will also be a prize for simply participating!
1000 Diamonds will be awarded to our selected favorites.
2,000,000 Gold will be awarded to each participant.
- The picture must have a computer(s) with League of Angels or our official website open.
- Post the picture in the event thread and be sure to include your character's name and server number.
- Winners will be determined by factors including but not limited to: appearance, uniqueness, and devotion to League of Angels.
- Inappropriate content will be disqualified and removed, possibly resulting in a ban.
The event ends on March 2nd.

Here is a simple example:

Notice the figurine? That’s devotion!

Here is another example:

Feel free to rate each other’s setups!