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Cross-server Main City is going to open!


Cross-server Main City

This is a brand new feature in game. In Cross-server Main City, you can get to know more players of other servers and take on new challenges. To unlock this feature, players need to reach Lvl. 70. Challenges and requirements are much higher, and accordingly the rewards are better. 

There are three sub-features in Cross-server Main City, namely Cross-server Wyrm Race, Cross-server Clash of Might, and Cross-server Alliance. Basic concept of these features are similar with Wyrm Race, Clash of Might, Guild, but there are more interesting new game plays waiting for you, such as you can summon a Doppelganger when you create a Team in Cross-server Wyrm Race, and alliance shop offers various powerful equipment. Please note that the sub-feature of Demonic War is not open yet, and it will be open in the future.

In Cross-server Main City, a new chat channel is added for players from different servers to communicate. You can also add friends and have private chat. 

Cross-server Clash of Might


In Alliance interface, you will see the basic information about alliances. There are four different parts in Alliance interface, Alliance Actions, Alliance Shop, Alliance Event, and Trohpies.

In Alliance Action tab, you can conduct following actions like, get wages, donate, change flag and so on.

Alliance Shop is a great place for you to get various equipment, Gems and many other items. You need to collect enough Knight's Sash and Warlord Sash, which can be get from Alliance wage, Demonic War and Alliance event. 

Divine Realm Shop

Divine Realm Shop is newly opened in Cross-server Main City, you can use Divine Token to buy Angel and basic items, Flair, Mount and Dragonsoul. 

For more detailed information, please check in game. Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.