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Weekend Events: Chance to Earn Past Event Prizes


Did you miss out our Christmas or New Year events? Here is another chance to earn past event prizes including Claudia’s Icon, Incinerator, Santa Clothes, and Mysteral Wings!

Loop Recharge Reward
Duration: 1/24 – 1/26
Description: Collect your Tycoon's Chest in the Recharge Reward menu every time you recharge 1000 Diamonds!
Open the chest to receive one of the following: Tycoon Prize, Gold, Vouchers, Synth Scrolls, Soulstones, Basic Energy Card (10) and Aegis Shards.

Tycoon Prize Exchange
Duration: 1/24 – 1/26
Redeem Tycoon Prizes for great items in the Hot Events menu! Tycoon Prizes have a chance to be found in the Tycoon's Chest. Collect a Tycoon's Chest each time you recharge 1000 Diamonds!

Reward List:
Claudia’s Icon
Santa Clothes
Mysteral Wings
Imperial Stallion Soul
Seraphim Wings
3-in-1 Special Pack

Note: 1.Stats from identical costumes or mounts do not stack.
2. Repeated purchases of the identical costumes or mounts will not be refunded.