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Happy Thanksgiving: New Equipment and Components Awaiting You!


Happy Thanksgiving!

League of Angels is grateful to have all the warriors near, as we celebrate with love, laughter and cheer. From Nov. 23th to Nov. 27th, League of Angels will be offering new Thanksgiving Equipment and components in game. Whether you want to equip your heroes, increase battle rating or simply gain resources, you can make it during this Thanksgiving.

Exchange Thanksgiving Tokens for Hot Items

Thanksgiving Sunflower and Thanksgiving Hazels are the two EXCLUSIVE tokens which can exchange for hot items during the event. They can be found after slaying monsters in Elemental Zone and completing tasks in Hot Events. Please note that the two tokens will become invalid after the Thanksgiving events end. Act fast and make full use of them!

Equip Your Heroes wih Brand New Thanksgiving Equipment

Your heroes deserve a set of better equipment! The special Thanksgiving equipment, which is the strongest equipment ever appear in game, will be available during the Thanksgiving and Black Friday celebration. Equip your heroes and triumph over your enemies!

Watch Your Battle Rating Soar with Special Components

Players can watch their battle rating sky rocket ever since the new sets of Homestead components are introduced in game. Autumn themed components are specially designed for this Thanksgiving season. Check out the necessary autumn components and blueprints in Hot Events now!

We hope all players will have fun at this special time of year and explore more ways to play the game.