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Cross-server Resource Tycoon: Soul Messenger Debuts!


Another powerful messenger has arrived. There's still an atmosphere of tension around him even though the emerald wings are facinating. Now Soul Messenger, the powerful evolution, makes his debut in Cross-server Resource Tycoon. Good news is that, the TOP SIX winners in the overall ranking will have the honor to win Soul Messenger Crest! In addition, ranking 1ST will be able to take powerful mount, Bloodthirsty Crow, to the squad! Plus, players will receive Lvl. 14 Fusion Gem Chest and other rare resources can be found in Hot Events.

>Gain Double Points by Collecting Certain Resources

From November 21st to November 26th(server time), you can gain points by collecting required resources during the event, , i.e. Enchanted Ore, Spring of Wisdom, Magic Mount Soul, Beast Crystal, Purgatory Soul, Ascension Stone, Seraph's Stone, Gem Enhancement Stone, Awakening Stone, Khaos Core, Blessed Stone, Soulstone, Grotto Heart and Diamond.

Note: Gain Seraph's Stone, Magic Mount Soul and Beast Crystal for 2X points!


Place (Min Pts: 190,000) 



Soul Messenger Crest x1, Bloodthirsty Crow x1, Divine Emblem x30, Supremacy Certificate x3, Super Armament Chest(Golden) x1, Lvl.9 Armament Crystal Chest x5, Lvl. 13 Cherubstone x2, and Lvl 13 HP+MATK+HIT Gem x1


Soul Messenger Crest x1, Unique Equipment Permit x2, Divine Emblem x30, Supremacy Certificate x2, Super Armament Chest(Golden) x1, Lvl.8 Armament Crystal Chest x15, Lvl. 13 Cherubstone x1, and Lvl 13 HP+MATK+HIT Gem x1


Soul Messenger Crest x1, Unique Equipment Permit x1, Divine Emblem x20, Supremacy Certificate x2, Super Armament Chest(Golden) x1, Lvl.7 Armament Crystal Chest x15, Lvl. 12 Cherubstone x1, and Lvl.12 HP+MATK+HIT Gem x1


Divine Emblem x20, Supremacy Certificate x1, Armament Chest(Golden) x3, Lvl.7 Armament Crystal Chest x10, Lvl. 12 Cherubstone x1, and Lvl.11 HP+MATK+HIT Gem x1


Divine Emblem x20, Supremacy Certificate x1, Super Armament Chest(Mythic) x3, Lvl.7 Armament Crystal Chest x8, Lvl. 11 Cherubstone x2, and lvl.12 Fusion Gem Chest x2

Divine Emblem x15, Supremacy Certificate x1, Super Armament Chest(Mythic) x2, Lvl.7 Armament Crystal Chest x6,  Lvl. 11 Cherubstone x1, and Lvl.12 Fusion Gem Ches x2


Divine Emblem x10, Tycoon Certificate x3, Lvl. 10 Cherubstone x2, Super Armament Chest(Mythic) x2, Lvl.7 Armament Crystal Chest x3 and Lvl.12 Fusion Gem Chest x1
501st-1,000th Divine Emblem x10Tycoon Certificate x2, Super Armament Chest(Mythic) x1, Lvl.6 Armament Crystal Chest x5, Lvl. 10 Cherubstone x1, and Lvl.11 Fusion Gem Chest x1
1,000+ Tycoon Certificate x1, Lvl. 9 Cherubstone x3, Super Armament Chest(Mythic) x1 and Lvl.10 Fusion Gem Chest x2

>Exchange for Your Beloved Items in Tycoon Mystic Deal

Tycoon Mystic Deal has all the hot heroes and weapons covered. Crooked Claw, Skeleton Devotee(and his exclusive amulet), Carnage Queen, Genesis, Celestial Blade, Ghost Dancer and many more are available here. Check the Tycoon Mystic Deal in Hot Events from November 21th to November 28th(server time)!

>Check out Different Events to Gain More Resources for Tycoon

Different events will be available in game during the resource tycoon. Don't forget to check them out if you want to gain more resources!

Lucky Tree: November 21st to November 23rd(server time)

Navigation King: November 21th to November 26th(server time)

Group Buy: November 22nd to November 23rd(server time)

Capsule Toys: November 24th to November 27th(server time)

Djinni's Merchant: November 24th to November 26th(server time)

Craft Master: November 24th to November 26th(server time)

Wheel of Luck: November 27th to November 29th(server time)

Meanwhile, Event Bonus will show up from time to time during the event and bring you Nectar, Lucky Capsule and more useful items! Friendly reminder: Sun Lover Clothing is available.

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game. More exciting events are coming up through November 21st to November 27th (server time), check them out in the in-game Hot Events menu now!