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Welcome to Halloween Party in League of Angels!


Trick or treat! You are all invited to the Halloween party in League of Angels from Oct. 30th to Nov. 2nd! Put on a spooky makeover and let’s get the party on!

Get As Many Tokens As Possible

Yummy Eyeball Candy and Jasper The Unfriendly Ghost should come in handy if you can only choose two items to enter the Halloween Party. By slaying monsters in Elemental Zone and completing tasks in Hot Events from Oct. 30th to Nov. 2nd (server time), you will be able to get these two tokens, which can be exchanged for great rewards. Additionally, the Halloween Warm-up Chest that contains Arcane Orb Shard, Jasper The Unfriendly Ghost and various resources, will also be available in Hot Events. Open the chest for surprises!

Win Exclusive Halloween Equipment For Your Hero

Your heroes deserve a set of better equipment! From Nov. 1st to Nov. 2nd (server time), you can exchange your Yummy Eyeball Candy and Jasper The Unfriendly Ghost for a whole set of Halloween equipment. Hurry up as you have only two days’ time!

Decorate Your Homestead and Increase Your Battle Rating
How is the Halloween decoration going in your Homestead? Have you got all the components? From Oct. 30th to Oct.31st (server time), all the new Halloween themed components are available in Hot Events. Use your Yummy Eyeball Candy to get what you want! Friendly reminder: Don’t forget to place them in certain position to watch your battle rating soar!

Keep an eye on the League of Angels Facebook fan page and official forum to get more information about the events! Now, join the LoA Halloween party and get into the spirit with frights and sweets to end October with huge celebration!