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Enjoy Mother's Day Celebration in League of Angels!


Every season has its attractions, but none stirs such deep emotions as the arrival of spring, when the Angel Azalea appears in the land of the Angels. When her grand arrival, she brings with her a set of new fashion and a new mount to the game, namely the Spring Blossoms Costume and the Blossom Horse. Plus, as light flows slowly into our woodlands, League of Angels welcomes the strongest sylph so far - Zeus! League of Angels will leave you with fond memories of spring during this Mother's Day celebration!

Image 1: Angel Azalea

Spring Blossoms Costume

The sights of unfurling foliage, the scent of flowers and the return of birds are all reminders that spring is here. The Spring Blossoms Costume is the perfect fashion to keep you in style this May, while providing you with the strongest buffs of all the fashions in game.

Image 2: New Clothing Spring Blossoms Costume

Blossom Horse

What better to go with your Spring Blossom fashion than the majestic Blossom Horse? This winged horse is exquisitely decorated with spring flowers for a look that is pure elegance. Its unique skill, Blossom Bloom, will greatly increase the ATK and Agility of all party members for three turns.

Image3: New Mount Blossom Horse


Sharing a name with the ruler of the Greek Gods, this new sylph is expected to be the most powerful sylph ever seen in the land of the Angels. Heroes will be endowed with great power once they morph into Zeus.

Image4: New Sylph Zeus

Celestial Rage(Lvl.1): When attacking or casting skills, increases own Divine DMG and Agility by 11% with a 12% chance to reduce target's ATK by 10%. Lasts 2 turns.

Image5: New Sylph Zeus in Battle

From May 14th to May 18th(server time), players can plant different tulips and exchange them for the Spring Blossoms items in the in-game Mother’s Day Event. Additionally, tons of resources and other goodies will be available in different shops. Don’t miss them!

We hope all players have a great Mother’s Day! Join League of Angels today and experience the award-winning MMORPG for FREE!