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Holiday Battle Report


Gather your best Battle Reports and see how they fair against everyone else. We’ll give each player who meets our requirements a prize, and chose special prizes for the 3 top videos.

In addition, the Video Battle Report with the most views will receive a special prize!

All videos will be judged on creativity, humor, and general awesomeness!

You can find a guide for how to upload a video here: http://youtu.be/-bDbiLyXy0Q


Event Time Frame
Video and BR Posting: December 23rd to January 6th
Winners Announcement: January 7th 
Rewards: January 8th 

To submit our battle report to the contest, please reply to this forum thread with the following information: 
    Video Description:
    YouTube Video Link: 

On Youtube, you must title your video as follows: [League of Angels] [IGN] [Title]

Additionally, you must feature the following information in the description:

    Video Description:
    Link to http://angel.gtarcade.com

Please note that ALL prizes stack!
- Grand Prize: Voucher x500, Soulstone x40, Angel Tears x5, video posted to League of Angels home page
- Top 10: Voucher x300, Soulstone x80, video posted to GTArcade Youtube channel
- Participants: Voucher x100