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League of Angels: Enjoy Special Offers in April!


Most players know mounts are an integral part of League of Angels. They provide crucial stat bonuses, mighty buff skills, and most importantly, they look awesome! Now League of Angels is excited to provide a Mount Special Offer event in April, to give everyone a chance to take their mounts to a whole new level!

During the month of April, every 5 days a new Mounts Hot Event will be available! Each event will have 4 different Mounts on sale and you can choose to purchase any 2 at a significant discount!

In short, we are going to have a lot of Mounts FOR SALE throughout this month! Pretty exciting, isn't it? So be sure to keep an eye on the hot events to see if the Mounts that you are wanting have been added to the special offers.

Plus, League of Angels has also prepared a series of fantastic events where you can dress up new fashion and gain hot items at the very start of April! Come and check them out!

Happy Sea

Duration: 04/02 to 04/05 (Server time)

Description: Train & collect bubbles, complete the puzzles and search for Deep-sea Secrets, let's have fun in Happy Sea!

Players have been talking about the Devotee Costume since it's released. The special outfit and the great stat bonus have make this new clothing a must-have for many players. Now, flip the cards in puzzles to take Devotee Costume with you! In addition, lots of powerful heroes, as well as ancient amulets will also be available.

Fairy Exclusive

Duration: 04/03 to 04/05 (Server Time)

Description: Fairies are heart-warming and naughty, just like any pets. In the latest version, Drako has got an evolution, which makes him a bit arrogant. As we know, Fireball Kitten is not some fairy to be taken slightly. Can Justice make sure that two elfins are fairly treated?

Friendly reminder: Choose wisely and take your favorite fairy! Don't forget to bond them in the Unbreakable Bonds! 

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final version will be determined in game. 

Now get ready to get that mounts and items you’ve been waiting to add to your team! We hope players will enjoy the new events and look forward to more great content in the future.