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Hundreds of years passed by, people have never forgotten Angel Grace. She’s the most beloved angel of people in Angelic Land. Grace once was a beautiful little angel and born with the kindest heart. She lived a very happy life when she was young, but when she gradually knew there were still many people in sufferings, she knew that everyone deserves to live a happy life. Since then, she started to help people in many ways. During every Thanksgiving Festival, she would give away food, plant seeds, useful tools and etc. Grace’s biggest dream is that people can be free from starvation, war and fear. Although there is still a long way to go, she has built confidence for many people.



Angel Skill: Goddess' Gift

Deals Magic Damage (160% ATK + 500) to all enemies, and decreases targets' DEF by 10% with a 100% chance of hitting, lasts 2 turns.

Basic Stats

MATK  Agility  Hit      Crit     Crit Damage
781 198 39 39 30


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