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Frigg is daughter of a tribe chief. She grows up in a rarely-known island and loved by all people in the tribe. She was born with the power of praying for rain. No one knows why she has this power until the day she receives the signal from Heaven. From then on, people know that Frigg is an little angel. She was hidden in this tribe to escape from the chaos. Now, Frigg's magical power is getting stronger. She can not only protect herself but also help to fight aganist evils. Her magical potential is hard to evaluate.



Angel Skill: Celestial Ray

Deals Magic Damage (160% ATK + 500) to all enemies and decreases targets' ATK by 10% with 100% chance of hitting, lasts 2 turns.

Basic Stats

MATK  Agility  Hit      Crit     Crit Damage
875 215 35 35 30


As we continue to develop and improve League of Angels, new updates may slightly change the appearance or effects of systems and classes in-game. Where any discrepancy between game and guide occurs, in-game data shall take precedence. If you discover any errors, bugs or inconsistencies please contact us immediately and we will fix it as soon as possible.

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