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Rebellious but just, Isolde is well known for her breathtaking but deadly blizzards. She has guarded the frozen lands with her life for thousands of year and treasures the beauty and power of a winter storm.


Attack Type: Magic

Angel Skill: Deals Magic damage (160% ATK + 500) to all enemies and decreases targets' Agility by 8%, lasts 2 turns.

Basic Stats

MATK  Agility  Hit      Crit     Crit Damage
3990 1000 36 36 28


As we continue to develop and improve League of Angels, new updates may slightly change the appearance or effects of systems and classes in-game. Where any discrepancy between game and guide occurs, in-game data shall take precedence. If you discover any errors, bugs or inconsistencies please contact us immediately and we will fix it as soon as possible.

The League of Angels Team


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