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New Angel Styx
New Angel - Styx
Separating hell from the mortal world flows an eerie, bottomless river of death known as Styx. The guardian of this river, Angel Styx, prevents hell’s demons from unceasingly tormenting mortals and keeps creatures from unwittingly entering hell’s evil gates. A quiet creature, few know her true power but that won’t be the case for long. The dark gods have become increasingly careless and allowed torrents of demonic souls to torment the living. Thus, Styx has stepped forward to aid the light in bringing balance back between the demons and the living.

Attack Type: Magic
Skill: Styx Tide - Deals (160% Basic ATK + 500) magic damage to all enemies. Styx imbues you with angelic power.
Requirements: Character must be Lvl. 50 and own Styx’s Icon. 

Base Stats


Base Agility

Base Hit

Base Crit

Crit Damage






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