The epic MMORPG is celebrating its first birthday

One year ago, we began to explore this mysterious land.

During this year, millions of brave heroes have joined in this adventure.

With a whole year behind us, while remembering those days of campaigns and conquests, we cannot help but recall all the excitement we have experienced. This is a party for all heroes, a carnival both for you and for us! Let us enjoy the birthday festivities together, discuss the past, and look forward to the future!

Dear HeroesIn the last year, we've been advancing, exploring and fighting together. We've tasted the tears of losses together, as well as shared the joys of triumphs. After all this time, must have plenty of stories to share with other players. We would like you to share your story with us during this one year anniversary celebration. Click on "Share My Story" to let the world know about your epic adventures!

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