Ever since the world was created, the balance of the grand land has been guarded by four Gods, namely Odin, Thor, Loki, Hel. However, the rise of Dark Lord broke the balance. The wind howls, the earth cracks, the fire bursts, the water rages. Now the recovery of the balance seems impossible. Only by destroying Dark Lord and establishing new systems can the grand land get away from catastrophe. The four Gods then transformed themselves into four spirits, recruiting valiant warriors to fight for them. All those who fought in this divine war, shall be granted treasures beyond imagination and honor of eternity!

History ▶
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    Odin is the king of gods key member of the Aesir gods and the father of everything, the mostpowerful and wise godamong all others. Known as the god of war, Odin fought against the giants’ army and saved mankind. He also possesses magical powers and clairvoyance.

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    The half god-half giant undoubtedly holds great powers. He sees the other gods as family, but also as his worst enemies. Loki is the father of many mythological monsters and he is the kind of backstabbing guy who hates everyone. Loki was expelled from the golden palace after he triggered the twilight of the gods and killed Odin’s favorite son. Loki will never stop trying to go back to the palace and open the gates of Asgard.

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    The second most important god is the god of thunder and lightning. Thor fights in the name of justice and aims to clear the world from all evil. With the mighty “Mjolnir” by his side, Thor is a fearless and undefeated god. He also lives in the untouchable Aesir. Thor helps his father, Odin, fight those who undermine their realm.

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    Hel is Loki’s daughter, goddess of death and the dead. Her kingdom, hell, is an endless dark and isolated piece of land with no hope or joy. Hel hopes to see the sunshine one more time and be surrounded by the Asgard gods. Her only desire is to make them surrender to the force of the underworld and for her to be seen as equal to them. She can summon the spirits of the underworld and break the balance between good and evil.

Jan. 23th to Feb. 11th

  • Each player has one opportunity every day to worship their favorite Gods.After worship for a specific God, players will receive a gift code which they can redeem in-game once a day. Please note, you can only worship One God everyday.
  • All the gift codes will expire on Feb. 28th, please use them in time.