New Angel
Battle the Force of Evil with Polly by Your Side

Polly is the divine angel of flowers. She was born from the earth and grew up as one with the forests and flowers of the world. Sunshine and happiness follow close behind her everywhere she goes! Her carefree attitude and lovely nature is a blessing to those who find themselves in times of need.

Attack Type: Magic

Skill: Shower of Flowers – Deals (150% Attack + 300) magic damage to all enemies. Sends a fury of flower petals raining down on enemies, shredding them to pieces.

Amazon Hunter

New Hero

Amazon Hunter is an expert hunter that knows no equal in the art of jungle warfare. Her powerful lance is used to keep her enemies at a distance while she unleashes her onslaught. She is said to have been raised amongst the animals of the jungle, thus the reason for her fierce, animal like killer instincts.

Hero Class: Hunter
Hero Type: Striker
Skill:Fatal Hurl - Consume 75 Rage to cast. Deals (240% PATK + 800) to an enemy, ignoring DEF, for 6% chance to double damage (Crit Damage counts). Crit Damage increases 31% for 2 rounds of attack later.

Inferno Steed

New Mount

Inferno Steed is said to be the war horse of none other than the devil himself! After endless amounts of brutal treatment Inferno Steed broke free from his master's clutches to serve the forces of righteousness.

Inferno Steed's special skill “Inferno Battle Cry” has a chance to increase your main character’s CRIT rating each turn.