Champion showdown - League of angels


  • Seize the Opportunity of Winning Yourself a Unique Prize, Just for You!
  • The mysterious lord of the land of angels, decides to hold a brand-new great tournament, Champion Showdown! This is a tournament allowing heroes from all servers, all platforms, all time-zones, to join in the grand battles. His purpose of holding this tournament, is to choose from all the heroes the best, naming him/her the guardian of this holy land. This outstanding hero shall have the rights to win himself/herself a unique prize, so as to be the most distinctive hero to walk on the land of angels.
  • DIY Rewards Include:
  • Title: You will earn a title with special attribute.

    Equipment: You will earn the most powerful equipment in LOA; you can decide the name and tips of it; you can also engrave unique logo, or words on it.

  • After all the customized items are made, both the outlook and the attribute can be seen in all servers.