Our grand events for this Halloween will be waiting for you!

During the Halloween event, you can col-
lect pumpkins to unlock rewards.
A brand-new costume, mount, fairy and new gameplays will all be part of the festivities.
Come and join us,for the
Halloween carnival!

At the start of November, players will have the opportunity to get Fragmented treasure maps. This will be the beginning of an in-game treasure hunt System; team up with your friends, combine incomplete treasure maps together and find countless treasures! MORE>>

Mighty heroes have passed the test and ushered in an era of evolution. After Valkyrie, Astral Hunter and the Arcane Spirit successfully managed to evolve themselves , Hecate has now also begun to evolve. She will hence be known as the Flame of Death. MORE>>

Note: After evolution, heroes will possess better Skills and Stats.

Warriors, you will now be able to choose a hero as the sixth man. When there is a loss on the battlefield, the sixth man can join the battle and enhance your party’s combat capability! This is yet another strategic element to consider when you decide how to fight your battles!

Try your fortune and intelligence! Behold our new mini-game - Tarot! Flip a card and make a turnover on your fortune! Be sure to try it very soon for some great rewards!